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Hostel Rules  Hostel Schedule  School Uniform

General Hostel Rules at Tathagat

1. Students will get entry into the hostel when they produce the hostel fee receipt.

2. Any student once admitted in hostel/school and withdraws himself/herself due to non- adjustment with the hostel atmosphere in no case fee will be refunded. Caution money will be returned at the end of the session only. If he/she has paid only first instalment, then he/she will have to pay the second instalment of hostel fee also. No compromise in this regard.

3. Student is not permitted to bring from home any eatable costly items mobiles, etc., The School Hostel Warden Will carry out a proper cheeking. Any such item if found will be returned to the parents on depositing Rs. 5000/- any repetition of such lapse will lead dismissal of the student from the school. All parents/guardians and student are to cooperate. Parents / Guardians are not allowed to visit the hostel expect at time of new admission.

4. Only authorised realities whose photographs are affixed in the admission from will be permitted to meet the students.

5. Parents / Guardians are not allowed to visit the hostel except at the time of new admission.

6. Only authorised relatives whose photographs are affixed in the admission from will be permitted to meet the students.

7. Parents/ Guardians meeting with students and outing will be only once in a month i.e. on First Sunday of every month between 8.00am to 6.00pm.

8. Telephonic contact with the students will be only once in a month i.e. on Third Sunday of every month between 08:00am to 6:00pm.

9. Only Authorized numbers (9451092310, 9721815455, 0591211121) are to be called to talk with the students. No calls will be attended on personal numbers of the Principal/ Hostel Warden or any other person.

10. Allotment of accommodation will be on first basis no special request will be entertained.

11. Students will be permitted to go home during holidays mentioned in our school calendar no request for birthday marriage parties festivals or religious occasion will be entertained. The students are to join the hostel on the last day of the holidays late coming students will be charged Rs.100/- per day as a fine. In case of medical reasons, medical certificate is also to be submitted.

12. Boarders are to vacate the hostel during Dusherra, diwali. Winter and Summer Holidays. Going home is not permitted on one day holidays.

13. Any kind of celebration of birthday, parties and gathering is not permitted in the hostel.

14. Students are not permitted to keep money with them. They are to deposit the same in his contingency account with Hostel Warden.

15. In case of any damages by the students of the school /hostel /mess properties, he/she will be fined and charged for the same. Principal's management's decision will be final in this regard.

16. All students are to strictly observe hostel/mess schedule for day to day activities.

17. Consumption of Pan Masala, Tobacco, Bidi cigarette or any kind of toxicants strictly prohibited.

18. Keeping match box/ knives in the hostel is strictly prohibited. No student's permitted to light the agarbatti / candle etc. Inside the hostel.

19. Parents are to ensure that their children are medically fit to join the hostel by providing medical certificate and self-undertaking.

20. In case of medical emergence, parented will be informed before hospitalization of their ward.

21. All students are to observe personal hygiene and cleanliness to maintain good health.

22. All students have to observe strict discipline at all times.

23. In case any student or his guardian violates any of the above-mentioned rules, the student would be dismissed from the hostel as well as from the school. No refund of any kind of fee will be made in this case.

Hostel Rules  Hostel Schedule  School Uniform