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From The Finance Controller Desk

The financial analysis is an important tool for evaluating the performance of both the management and the organization. It is thus a yard stick by financial analyst to evaluate the financial condition and performance of the firm. The management is basically interested in overall performance of the firm. It is like that, The firm maintains its solvency so as to able to meet both the short term and long term obligation.

Management accounting in the school in fundamentally based on judgement rather than on measurement.

Ever changing needs and demands of the time from students of the time from students and guardians always give me an impetus to improve resources of development in all direction now. A days, it became a universal truth that no direction can be extended without financial support which simply uploads me with a lot of responsibilities. Charged with such responsibilities, I am bound to look after the institution to the best of my capability. Always try to make a ceaseless effort to avail all the facilities, techniques gadgets and appartetus of teaching as infrastructure as people of this region can move forward with the advancement changing scenario of the country.

In this series of my duties, providing a high status building flooded with airy and well ventilated digitally smart class rooms equipped with CCTV cameras water coolers unique quality of furniture, high tech laboratories, luxurious toilets, sufficient conveyance facilities adjacent banking and health caring facilities are few

However. There is always space for improvement for which your suggestions and encouragement is most welcome.


With best wishes and blessing.

Mr. Shiv Sharan Kushwaha
(Finance Controller)