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Holi is a Hindu festival that marks the arrival of spring. Known widely as the Festival of Colour, it takes place over two days, and is a celebration of fertility, colour, and love, as well as the triumph of good versus evil. ... Holika Dahan takes place the night before Rangwali Holi is celebrated in the spring season because it is welcoming spring. Hindus believe that spring is full of colours so they throw coloured water on each other. Holi is based on a legend about King Hiranyakashyap ordered his sister to sit on a burning fire along with Prahlad. Holi's different celebrations come from various Hindu legends. One story tells the story of how the god Vishnu saved his follower Prahlad from a pyre while Prahlad evil aunt Holika burned. The night before the Holi festival a Holika bonfire is burned to celebrate the victory of good over evil.

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